Towing Mirrors - Isuzu D-MAX & Holden Colorado

By MSE 4x4

Black, Manual To suit Isuzu D-MAX (09/2020-Current) & Holden Colorado (2012 - Current)
Enhance a vehicle’s appearance with MSA 4X4’s patented, ‘SEMA AWARD-WINNING’
all-around driving and towing mirrors! Government guidelines state that the driver is required to see 20m past the widest point of the towed vehicle. MSA 4X4 has created a range of Towing Mirrors that meet this guideline and are specifically designed for Australian vehicles. MSA 4X4’s patented, SEMA award-winning Towing Mirrors feature a large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide. Allowing the mirror to extend out when towing and return to a normal driving position, when not towing. “The best looking Towing Mirrors available!” Features: Four different mirror positions for any situation. Adjustable viewing angles
Vertical and horizontal adjustment caters.
Large, single mirror
Unique pivot design
The mirror’s actuator automatically adapts, allowing you to retain the standard adjustments
Designed to fold inwards or outwards
Market leading 5 Year Warranty.
Tested and approved ADR Compliant.

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